20 Random Food Facts

As food is a primary element in our life, it is essential for everyone to know some important facts about food, as it can affect your nutrition and therefore your health.


We have gathered some random facts on food, and it is not only regarding nutrition, but also we have included some weird and fun facts for you, as they are worthy to know about.

  • Ketchup was used in the 19th century as a medicine for digestion`s diseases.
  • Donuts are one of the most popular foods in USA, American people can eat Donuts on breakfast, on brunches, and as a snack meal.
  • Falafel and cooked beans are very common and popular in the Middle East countries, and each country has a different recipe and multi flavors for these foods.
  • Most North American and European countries likes to drink coffee as their primary breakfast drink, while in Asia and Africa; people like to drink tea and natural herbs drinks in the morning.
  • Chocolate are made of cacao tree, and it was invented by the Aztecs, when it came to Europe, sugar was added to its ingredients.
  • Eating pickles is considered as a good appetizer, but you ought to know that one piece of cucumber pickled contains 1-35 calories.
  • A mixed natural juice of blueberries, strawberries, and mango is an Antioxidant Supreme juice.
  • Walnuts is one of the high efficient foods that can be used in fat burning, also they contains Omega-3 fat, and Alpha Linolenic acid.
  • Ginger has a great effect on healing digestive and stomach troubles.
  • Avocado fruits are natural fat burners.
  • You should drink at least 5 water cups per day.
  • Honey is a natural healer for many diseases when it is used as a drink or in other forms, especially in healing dermatitis, also you can store natural honey with the right method and it could last for years without being corrupted or exposed to rot.
  • Drinking tomato juice on a regular basis can prevent many diseases of your body, such as prostate cancer.
  • 1 glass of pure natural juice per day is efficient for your daily dosage of Vitamin C and Potassium, also it is a natural source for sugar.
  • A pomegranate is a great source for antioxidants, natural sugar, and calories.
  • Cheese can be made of many kinds of milk including cow, buffalo, goat, and camels, and the Mozzarella type is the most popular cheese used all around the world, also cheese are great resource for Calcium, Phosphorous, and protein.
  • The American novelist Ernest Hemingway was known for his significant cooking skills, especially in hamburgers and pork.
  • Salt is the origin of the term salary, as it was used as a payment for soldiers` wages in the Roman Empire.
  • French fries are originally made in Belgium.
  • KFC “Kentucky Fried Chicken” was founded by colonel sanders when he was 62 years old in 1952, nowadays it is one of the most fast food franchises all over the world, with more than 19.000 restaurant’s branches.