Top 10 of the weirdest foods in the world

1) Rotten fish:


Surstomming or sour herring is one of the most popular dishes in northern Sweden. It was served in popular Air lines till 2006. The fresh fish picked in June is rotted for 3 months, when it starts giving out foul smell it is canned and sold.

2) Duck fetus egg:

The boiled duck egg also known as ‘balut’ meaning ‘wrapped’ is one of the prime delicacies in South Asian countries like Vietnam. When the duck’s egg is about to hatch, the eggs are boiled with the almost grown embryo and eaten with the shell.


3) Puffer fish:

Puffer fish or fugu is one of the most poisonous swimmers in the sea. Their toxin is fatal for humans if not cooked properly. But this swimming cyanide is a popular delicacy in many places of the world.


4) Maggot cheese:

Every cheese needs fermentation, but this product goes through a different process altogether. This regular sheep milk cheese is left outside for days when thousands of cheese flies lay their dozen of living eggs in the cheese and the mouth watering dish is ready. Well, people of Sardina, Italy agree it’s mouth watering.


5) Bird’s nest soup:


As costly as $2000/kg, the bird’s next mostly made up of its saliva is one of the most popular dish in China. These bird’s nest are brought thrice an year from the coastal caves.


6) Cat poop:

“Ew”, you said? Well, people of Indonesia will disagree. If you are not fond of Kopi Luwak or cat poo, try avoiding drinking coffee without verifying in Indonesia. In fact it’s the world’s costliest coffee priced as high as $700/kg.


7) Paniki:

Paniki is made by boiling bat in coconut milk. But the risk factor in the dish is what makes it weirder. If the bat contains some sort of disease then it is end game for the one who ate it. Still people are very fond of the dish and eat with great joy and taste.


8) Snake wine:

This is one of the most weird wines ever! They serve the wine and then kill a cobra and top the wine with a heart which is still beating.


9) Tarantula:

In Cambodia, hairy spiders are the tastiest foods that are available in many variants like barbecue, grilled, roasted etc.


10) Rats:

Fried and salted rats have eared their place in the list by being popular amongst the people of various countries. Rats have moved up the list from need to desire.